Augmented control and
organizational efficiency

Simulate thousands of scenarios to pick the
optimal container stacking configuration

We actively analyze tons of data to foresee
the best container distribution in the yard

Discover all the power hidden in your TOS data

Are you using all the valuable DATA that your system generates?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyzes every process relating to the unloading and distribution of containers in order to predict the best stacking combination and optimize transit times.

Has something unexpected happened? Reconfigure your plan in seconds.
Our system analyzes thousands of possible scenarios to determine the best one at all times. Furthermore, the system learns the more it is used, thereby increasingly perfecting operations.

The future of automation, today.
Prepare your systems for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and increase productivity with AI-powered calculations and predictions.

Technology for efficiency

Our algorithm uses data science, reinforcement learning and our human expertise to maximize your terminal’s efficiency.

Real, measurable results

These are the main KPIs improved
with the eYARD solution:

  • 34% Reduction in unproductive moves
  • 21% Increased Return on Assets
  • Efficient resource allocation
    Improved quality of service for terminal customers
  • Stack higher to optimize yard space
  • Decreased CO2 footprint: reduced fuel consumption

Boost your Terminal Operating System with the
computational power of eYARD AI technology

“EYARD BUSINESS PLAN. ” Project Subsidized by the “The Center for Industrial Technological Development” (CDTI) through the 2019 call for aid for new business projects of innovative companies. – NEOTEC program. The total amount of aid: 250,000 €.