Registered name: Eyard Solutions, S.L. 

CIF: B88253083 

Registered office: Rúa García Olloqui, Nº6 – 36201 – Vigo – Pontevedra 

Telephone: +34 639 828 107 

E-mail: hello@eyard.io 

Commercial Registry of Pontevedra, volume 4340, book 10, Section 8, Page: PO.67439.  Inscription 1/.  


These conditions will regulate the use that the Owner makes available to the users of the  website, which can be modified without prior notice, so it is recommended its periodic review,  especially when it is going to happen an effective use of products and/or services. 


The access to the website is free and it attributes to whoever accesses it the condition of User,  who will be able to access the contents or even to get in touch with its administrators. 

Therefore, the User must read, understand and accept these conditions of use before  proceeding to the navigation and/or use of the services, which will imply the express  acceptance and adhesion to them in the terms and conditions indicated below : i)  Commitment to the diligent use of the resources, in strict compliance with the current  legislation, with regards to morality and “netiquette”, that is, to the set of rules of general  behavior on the Internet ii) The User will accept the terms and conditions of a specific service  or resource when they are necessary, which will be explicitly required in that case and iii) It will  not be able to make use of the website outside the terms accepted by these conditions of use,  specifically for illicit purposes, contrary to morality or public order in any of its expressions, or  constituting a crime. 

Likewise, in the event that comments or opinions are allowed, the Owner will not be  responsible in any case for the opinions given by others, although the Owner reserves the right  to withdraw or even to not publish those that are offensive or inappropriate or, otherwise,  when it had effective knowledge of the published content. 

In case of participation by the User in the promotions, events or contests organized by the  Owner of this website, he/she must accept the corresponding participation rules, which will be  always accessible, at least during the duration of the event.


The Owner owns all rights regarding the website, its logos, structure, images and constituent  elements of the object code, as well as the programming and engineering of the source code.  All these elements, along with the included publications, are protected by the Spanish and  European legislation on intellectual and industrial property. 

Any reproduction, adaptation, modification or public communication of all or part of the  contents of the website, made in any way or by any means, mechanical, manual or other,  without the express authorization of the Owner is forbidden. 

Any link to the website should be connected to the home page, being forbidden the  completion of deep links or links directed to other content different than the aforementioned.  Likewise, the surfing practice called “frames” is forbidden. 


You can find all the information on this matter in the section called Privacy Policy. 6. LAW AND JURISDICTION 

These General Conditions are subject to the Spanish law, submitting any dispute to the courts  of A Coruña and waiving any other general or special jurisdiction that may correspond to them.