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About 30% of container moves in the yard are unproductive

Containers are loaded by multiple cargo owners, leave the terminal via multiple types of transportation, and are needed at different times. Choosing the best container allocation strategy is key, and the traditional rule-system can result in 30% of container moves being unproductive.

Humans are great with creativity, faith, and passion but not when it comes to analyzing large amounts of data or making statistical decisions. Machines, on the other hand, are transparent and very cost-effective. The best way to face chaos is by adapting to it dynamically.

How we do it

We have developed a high-performance algorithm

We use data science, Reinforcement Learning and state-of-the-art technology to calculate and simulate thousands of stacking scenarios for each container, assigning the most relevant KPIs for each operator and choosing the optimal strategy. By doing this, eYARD reduces yard management costs and improves overall terminal productivity.

And, above all, it build trust: when a client relies on us, it is for the long term.

What we do

Artificial Intelligence for your TOS

Our Artificial Intelligence experts provide container terminal operators with cutting-edge yard optimization and simulation solutions.
We founded eYARD because we saw an opportunity to build a company that would improve people's lives and work through innovation and technology.

Terminal Benefits

Eliminate inefficiency costs

We calculate the best possible location

Maximize your storage space

Full data analysis to predict future movements

Make your terminal more efficient and competitive on the market

User Benefits

Control the system anywhere

Personal support for solving any doubts

Our API connects seamlessly with your current system

Full availability and trust

Enjoy the power of cloud computing

We provide high-security protocols to keep your data protected

What people are saying about eYARD solutions

“eYARD has helped us reduce considerably the number of unproductive moves, achieving a more efficient asset allocation and reducing overall yard management costs.”

David Álvarez
Marin Container Terminal Manager - (PTM Group)

“eYARD is a step forward in the internal logic of the TOS. This logic is usually based on traditional rules, which are not neuronal rules, and/or do not usually integrate self-learning. eYARD provides strong, reliable and fully integrated solutions in the TOS, which will be totally transparent to the user.”

Miguel Angel Sanchez
IT Manager Total Terminal International - (TTI Algeciras)

"Our investment in the latest yard optimization technology with eYARD demonstrates our long-term commitment to optimize operational efficiency and providing the best service to our customers."

Pablo Shaer
Head of Digital Transformation at AGUNSA

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